GTL is one of the leading evaluation firms specializing in the transportation field. Our primary customers are the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Second Stage Manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as Aftermarket and Military Equipment Manufacturers.

GTL's personnel have participated in development programs directed towards the formulation of Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. In addition, we have assisted in the development of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration laboratory procedures pertaining to several of those standards and have tested a wide variety of automotive components in accordance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. GTL has also assisted The National Traffic Safety Board in support of accident investigations.


Tests have ranged from vehicle crash worthiness to windshield defrost-defog devices to seat belt anchorages to material flammability. We have performed safety compliance testing for commercial automotive firms such as Ford, Mark III Industries, Starcraft Automotive Corporation, Flexsteel Industries, Viking Formed Products and many others. As a member of the automotive safety community we are intimately familiar with the work being performed under the auspices of NHTSA. Automotive crash test programs performed by GTL include barrier impact tests using a moving barrier and front to rear and front to side impacts in the 2.5 to 40 miles per hour speed range.

Military and aerospace programs include low temperature testing of military air conditioners, drop, bench shock, vibration (random and sine), transportation vibration, high temperature and low temperature tests on shielded enclosure test sets and instrumentation data collection of a 10,000 lb shelter drop test. General Testing conducted in situ cooling capacity tests on residential heat pump systems as well as pressure drop versus flow tests on coaxial heat exchangers.